Mortgage Life Assurance

Buying or owning a home is the largest financial investment you will make.  Protecting that investment makes plain common sense.  Why would you risk losing it?

Protecting your mortgage and your home are fundemental basics in home ownership.  We will always recommend life assurance and critical illness insurance for any mortgage we recommend.  If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be good advisers and we would be failing you.  The way we prefer to think of home ownership is:-

…if you can’t afford to protect it, maybe you shouldn’t have it….

Cheshire Mortgage Broker are able to advise you on the following key parts of a mortgage recommendation:-

Do I need Cover?

If you are single, life assurance is something that won’t necessarily be important.  You are better off focusing on protecting your own finances.  If you are a couple entering into a mortgage the you have to ask each other how you would feel if one partner died leaving all of the mortgage and household bills to the surviving partner.  Would they be manageable?  Don’t just assume that you would seel the property.  The current reccession shows that selling a house quickly is not an easy option.  If you have children would the surviving partner be able to bring the children up on their own without sacrificing a standard of living?


What we do

 Cheshire Mortgage Broker are able to offer you life assurance advice from a range of the UK’s top Life Assurance Providers.  In addition to your quotation we will always provide a comparison copy of the competitiors quotations.  We will also provide a full Demands and Needs recommendation letter clearly stating why we recommended your particular product and that it matches your needs and expectations.