Level Term Assurance

‘Life Insurance’ and ‘Life Assurance’ are different.  Assurance is something that is certain to happen whereas insurance is where there is only a risk of it happening.  Death is definitely ‘Assurance.’ 

  • Level Term Assurance is often taken out in conjunction with interest only mortgages.  The benefit remains level for the entire term of the policy.
  • You choose the amount of cover you require and the term of the policy that suits you.
  • The policy can be set up on a single or joint basis for couples.
  • As soon as a claim is made the policy pays out and comes to an end
  • Any benefit is paid to you free of tax
  • The policy is purely for protection only and has no cash-in value at any time.
  • Waiver of premium can be included in the policy
  • Critical Illness can be included in the policy
  • Level Term Assurance is one of the cheapest ways of protecting your home and family